Good news content creators (and managers): the Content Marketing Institute has formally opened its Content Marketing Awards for entries. You’ll find the application here: http://contentmarketingawards.com.

Some of you may be thinking, “Hey, I’m not an enterprise player, what chance do I have against the big boys?”

Good news: a very fair chance indeed. As a judge in last year’s contest (and I’m delighted to have the honor this year as well), I can assure you that the judges genuinely look for merit. Ingenuity beats production slickness, strategy tops budget, and relevant substance trumps empty good looks.

So give it a shot. A few hints that’ll help:

  • Measurable results are a huge plus. See if you can find the numbers
  • In your application, be prepared to explain your reasoning. Why did you execute this campaign? What relevant buyer/audience concerns or desires did you address?
  • Show us the risky stuff, the work that went beyond the obvious to explore unexpected opportunities to connect. That’s what I like to see.

Good luck!

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