In-House Workshops

On-Site and Out-of-Sight!
Customized Marketing Writing Workshops for Your Organization 


After enduring many years of advertising hype and gee-whiz technologies, today’s business leaders are taking marketing in a new and more productive direction:

In an age of declining returns on the advertising dollar, branding is no longer about “clever” ads — it’s about compelling stories.

For jaded and increasingly impatient Internet users, websites aren’t about “cool” features — they’re about meaningful content.

Given the widespread, almost instantaneous distribution of inside information, corporate communicators can no longer concentrate on endless “spin” — today it’s about maintaining open, interactive communications.

Now, more than ever, effective marketing strategies focus on substance, not gimmicks. That means the effective tactics — from blogs to bylined articles, enewsletters to ebooks — all share one potent, all-important skill in common:


Are you and your colleagues ready to write? Can you use your pen (or your keyboard) to turn skeptical prospects into eager customers? And customers into enthusiastic advocates?

The answers won’t come from your ad agencies — they don’t have the time, resources or inclination to help you dig deep and create compelling content. And while your PR firm may help you place stories, they’re too far from the sources — you and your customers — to find, shape and write the stories you need.

The content you need comes from within . . . if you and your colleagues know how to uncover it. If you know how to package it. If you know how to communicate it. If, in short, you know how to write.

That’s what my on-site, in-house writing training is all about.

The powers you can acquire
Bring me to your organization to lead you and your team in step-by-step, practical, easy-to-use processes that will help you:

  • Uncover the extraordinarily valuable content you don’t even know you have
  • Leverage your expertise to build credibility, trust and authority among prospects and customers
  • Make your non-marketing colleagues your allies in marketing communications
  • Interview customers, partners and staff to enrich your communications
  • Turn your messages into compelling stories that attract hearts and minds
  • Eliminate the corporate BS from your writing

My in-house writing training is the ideal first step for marketing departments that plan to create and write:

  • New or revised Web pages/content that distinguish your organization as the trusted resource in your industry or market
  • Bylined articles, case studies, press kit materials and more that establish your credibility as a thought-leader
  • Ebooks, white papers, reports, guides and other customer-centric content that prospects will actually be eager to read
  • External and internal newsletters and/or e-newsletters
  • Blogs that build relationships with customers, prospects and important influencers

In addition, you and your staff can gain immediate access to insider copywriting secrets such as:

  • Why “good” testimonials can be bad — and how to make them exponentially better
  • How to write compelling case studies in three simple steps
  • A staggeringly easy way to write articles that readers absolutely love
  • Packaging your know-how into powerful premiums that attract genuinely qualified leads
  • The power of recycling — how to turn one writing effort into multiple projects such as direct mail/e-mail, advertising, public relations material, Web content, newsletter content, trade show hand-outs and more

What the Corporate Content Writing Seminar IS NOT
My writing seminar is NOT about theory, blue-sky daydreaming or complex strategies. It IS about practical, powerful formats you and your staff can execute immediately.

My writing seminar is NOT about expensive investments in design or production. It IS about quality content you and your staff can create in-house at minimal cost.

My writing seminar is NOT about hours of passive listening to lectures. It IS about active participation in fun, helpful and skill-building writing exercises under my personal direction and encouragement.

Who should attend
The more complex your product or service, and/or the longer your sales cycle, the more value you will get from my writing training. It’s an outstanding learning opportunity for ALL marketing and public relations personnel in high-tech, healthcare, education, professional services, financial services, banking, insurance and other knowledge-intensive industries.

Participants need not be regular “writers” — in fact, my writing training is designed for non-writers — but they should have a solid grasp of standard English. My in-house writing training is NOT recommended for people struggling with English or seeking a way to improve basic speaking and writing proficiency.

Let’s get started
I’ll customize a program to your needs. I’ve taught hundreds of professionals how to win new business through ebooks, case studies, websites, press releases, articles and more — and I’m eager to help you, too. To create a program at your organization, or to get further information, contact me via e-mail or by phone at (781) 620-1154.

If you’re just getting started with content marketing, or want to reboot your program for greater impact, consider my content strategy workshop. For a deep-dive into ebook creation, take a look at my special ebook writing program.