1-Day eBook Workshop

ebook-workshopsIn just one day, you and your staff can be FULLY PREPARED to reap the rewards of ebook marketing:
1-Day eBook Workshop

Content customers care about
You can talk about yourself, your company, your mission, your products and services – and no one will care. Unfortunately, this is the essence of most marketing communications.

Or you can enlighten, educate and inform your most qualified prospects with content they value – insights on how to solve problems and reach goals. That’s what ebooks are all about.

Power to the people – your people
Perhaps you already know that you should create ebooks, but are flummoxed by the how. How do you find good subject material? How do you make it interesting? How do you attract readers to your ebook? How do you turn readers into buyers?

Here’s how: 1-Day eBook Workshop
I’ve written ebooks that have closed sales, generated leads, attracted media attention and built credible thought-leadership for clients such as Dow Jones, Intuit, Gomez, ExpressPoint and more. (I’m also the author of The eBook eBook, which you may download for free.) In my one-day intensive hands-on workshop, I will teach you and your colleagues how to:

  • Uncover the content gold hidden in your organization.
  • Link your know-how with customer hot-buttons.
  • Attract and hold reader interest.
  • Develop verbal and visual themes that resonate with your readers.
  • Organize your material for maximum impact.
  • Support your points with statistics, quotes, and real-life stories.
  • Encourage next steps that lead readers closer to your enterprise – and the sale.
  • Promote your ebook for widespread distribution.

Not theory – action!
The 1-Day eBook Workshop is NOT about the theory of writing ebooks. It’s about live writing exercises under my guidance and supported with my direct feedback. It’s about real-time learning and project development. By the time the day is done, your team will have outlines and action plans for completing real ebooks for your organization.

Move forward while staying put
There’s no need to send your team anywhere – I’ll bring the workshop to you. For more information about the program and/or to schedule your 1-Day eBook Workshop, contact me directly at jonkranz@kranzcom.com.

Beyond ebooks…
Need to create a variety of content types, from ebooks to blog posts, articles to case studies and more? Consider my customized marketing writing workshops.

And if you’re starting at the beginning and would like help forming a content marketing strategy, I have a special workshop for you as well.