The 7 Secrets of Super-Successful Content Creation Teams

What’s the secret to creating effective, customer-attracting, reputation-enhancing content? There are seven of them and they share one common element: they all help build strong content teams.

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Inside The 7 Secrets, you’ll learn from award-winning master marketers like Tim Washer of Ridiculous Media, Amanda Maksymiw of Lattice Engines, and Michele Linn of the Content Marketing Institute, plus content team leaders from major firms like CDW, Radius, Schlumberger, and Skyword.

Packed with real-life success stories, hard-earned insights, and handy practical tips, The 7 Secrets answers crucial content team questions such as:

  • How do you attract internal content champions?
  • What’s the key to aligning multiple content efforts?
  • How do you structure a truly effective content team?
  • What inspires genuine creativity, time and again?
  • How do you make a “pillar content” strategy work for your organization?
  • What does it take to make success a dependable, repeatable outcome?
  • How do you cultivate the talent within your team?

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